Clandestine ninja updates

Firstly, uploaded a couple things from GGPO- but if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you check[ed] my YT page and already know that:




Additionally, I made public a few videos which had been set to “private.”

An old MvC2 video which I uploaded as public, but then set to private because it’s worthless.

Also, a shitload of Japanese A3 matches:

Cody v Gief

Cody v Sagat

Gief v Sodom

Charlie/Sodom v Gief/Karin/Cody

Gief v Guy

Charlie/Rolento/Sodom v Akuma/Sakura/

Rolento v Zangief

Charlie/Gief/Sodom v Sakura/Akuma

Sagat/Akuma/Guy v Guy/Akuma

Guy/Gief/Sodom v Sakura/Akuma

Cody v Dhalsim

Cody v Akuma/Sakura

Dhalsim v Gief/Sakura

Gief/Sak vs Gief

Dhalsim/Dhalsim v Akuma/Akuma

Rolento/Sak v Akuma/Akuma

Dhalsim/Dhalsim v Gief/Cody

Akuma/Sak v Sak/Akuma

Akuma v Sak/Gief

Dhalsim v Gief

Akuma v Sak

Akuma v Dhalsim

Gief v Sakura

Akuma v Akuma

Dhalsim v Dhalsim

Akuma/Sak v Sodom/Dhalsim

V-Blanka/Gief v Cody

X-Blanka/V-Gief v Dhalsim

Akuma v Akuma/Cody

Akuma/Cody v Sodom/Dhalsim

Akuma/Sak v Sodom/Dhalsim

Blanka/Gief v Akuma

Gen/Vega v Gief

X-Balrog v V-Cammy

Dan v V-Cammy

Balrog v A-Charlie

V-Cammy v A-Karin

Sak v Gief


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