Tripguard exceptions list.

(part of a list I’m compiling)

Tripguard: While jumping, you can’t be swept when you hit the ground; you can land and block immediately after doing so, as opposed to getting knocked out of the air by sweeps etc. This is even true if you were attacking during your jump.

Tripguard isn’t present in the SF2 games, which causes Honda some problems- there’s a range where shotos etc can throw fireballs, and sweep Honda if he jumps over them, leaving him with few options.

A3, and I think all Alphas (?) have tripguard, as do most post-SF2 Capcom fighters with some exceptions (SF3 and some SF4 situations?).

However, some games, A3 specifically, have exceptions to the tripguard rule. Certain jumping attacks have hit areas which make them vulnerable to sweeps and low attacks which wouldn’t normally juggle.

Partial list:

Ryu- j.kicks, j.fp?
Ken- j.kicks, j.fp, j.sp, neutral j.sp/fp?
Akuma- j.kicks, divekick, j.fp?
Charlie- j.kicks, neutral j.FK/RK?
Vega- j.rk, neutral j.rk?
Bison- j.RK, headstomp, D.Reverse, neutral j.rk?
Gen- j.kicks (both styles), neutral j.kicks in 3K style?
Birdie- body splash,, neutral
Cody- hopkick (startup)
Guy- j.kicks, neutral, d/f+RK (startup), neutral j.rk?
Rolento-, j.sp/fp, f+mk (late)
Sodom-, neutral, 360+p (startup)
Rose- Soul Throw (startup)
Karin-, dp+K startup
Dan- j.kicks
Mika- neutral j.fp/rk,, 360+p startup, c.fp, c.sp
Juli- spinning backfist

List is, as was mentioned, incomplete. Mostly just tested normal jumping attacks- for example I suspect Chun’s overhead kick (hcb+K) and SBK don’t have tripguard, likely Cammy’s spinning knuckle (see: Juli) and probably V-Cammy’s divekick, etc.

Also worth noting that it matters which attack you use to hit them out of the air; Ryu’s c.RK seems to have a noticeably higher hit area than his c.FK. And his s.SK even higher, as useless as it is. If an attack has a high hit area and has good speed, it becomes more useful in this regard, especially since we’re talking about V-ISM, for the most part;

Because a lot of these jumping attacks are going to be hitting fairly deep, the most practical use of this info in A3 is for V-ISM characters to activate xx sweep into whatever.

(see 00:26)

The medium/light attacks that also work, but they won’t cause the knockdown that sweeps do- you normally can’t combo after sweeps, but in this case the sweeps are causing a high knockdown, which allows you to juggle after. However, if you have a fast and high enough special attack, you can do crouching medium xx special and continue the juggle: ie. c.FK xx SP Jigoku Scrape with Sodom, or c.FK xx RK Tiger Knee (Tiger Crush) with Sagat. This isn’t particularly useful for these two characters anyway, but worth mentioning as a footnote.


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