Match breakdown: 2 (V-Akuma vs A-Gen)

This is relatively short. …relatively. Meaning, I don’t really get into the basics of this match, just the thoughts I had while rewatching it.

Should have used RK waterfall kick (DP+K in punch-style), whiffed vs air hurricane more than once, both times could have impacted the round significantly. (waterfall kick makes the opponent chose between a free crossup attempt, or rolling away, possibly into a combo.) Short version has better startup, but Roundhouse version goes higher.

I’m doing the DARK thing; I’ve noticed in some of his matches, someone will activate V-ISM, and while trying ot reversal and/or escape, he’ll end up getting hit and taking damge he didn’t have to- because I was always hoping DARK would win whatever match he was playing, this always stood out to me as somewhat of a minor tragedy, though in a weird way I’m flattered that I’m making the same mistake. In particular at 1:56 I don’t know why I’m not blocking the fireballs while standing and waiting to reversal/Alpha Counter. And before that I was mashing PP too much and ended up whiffing a jumping Strong, which let me get juggled.

Right idea at 2:23 (throw into juggle with kick-style c.RK, maybe follow with super), but my timing was off because of the air hurricane kick. Should have done waterfall kick instead, but I was looking to juggle with the super after the c.RK.

I’m on edge the whole set because of the divekick. Divekick is fast and has no real recovery time (it literally does, but it practically does not), so it’s a really good move- too good. In hindsight I should have been doing kick style standing Jab to hit him on the way up from jumps, neutral jumping attacks (3K’s FP or RK, or 3P’s SP or I guess maybe FK). I actually asked DARK for tips about the match, and he mentioned I should be looking for 3K crouching Roundhouse, which I’ll have to try. As it was I was trying either waterfall kick (which you have to do predictively, because Gen loses his invulnerability just before the first hit and so you have to rely on priority), and jump throws, both of which were generally too slow to use how I wanted to (did/would have worked vs regular jumping attacks, but not vs divekick). Even if that didn’t work I should have tried to chicken block- jump and block the divekick on the way up, and then do a ground recovery (2K) and roll away. In short, I think I was thinking a little too linearly, and about 9% too aggressively.

Also, I didn’t catch on until much later that in the corner, he’d divekick after a crouching Strong; his pattern was usually something like divekick -> poke -> crouching Strong -> divekick, either repeated or ended with an axe kick (b+RK). If nothing else I should have been able to Reversal waterfall kick after the c.SP. He would sometimes change the pattern slightly, but he wasn’t being coy enough about it that it would have made a reversal a bad idea.

Super out of the corner (6:31) was both stupid and smart- smupid, if you will. If I’d timed it later it would have hit and been worth the meter, but I was slightly more concerened with getting out of the corner, since I imagined myself getting divekicked to death again, which is why I opted not to just Alpha Counter and fight it out.

As an example of what I should have been doing earlier, I try to jump and end up getting hit with a crouching Strong on the way up at 7:13. I do a ground recovery (2K) and get myself out of the corner.

7:18 could have been any number of things- I usually don’t use level 1 supers with Gen in 3P style, but given Akuma’s low health it probably would have been a decent idea. Or, a waterfall kick. Or a c.FP xx s.RK chain, or even a throw, etc. The level 1 I was probably saving for a divekick super or an Alpha Counter. Point being, I should have done…something. Instead I dropped a combo where I don’t even know what I was going for.

Accidental 3K standing Fierce at 7:49, but it did look pretty sweet. This is one of those moments that provides you with a little confidence, believe it or not- clearly I have tools I can use, I’m just not on top of what I need to be doing. Ditto for the s.SP at 8:03, though that was less of an accident. Speaking of confidence, I seem to have a lot of it in the next round (as well as the waterfall kick at the end of that round, which is fairly ballsy vs V-Akuma with meter).

Goofed juggle at 8:28, could have been big- nice for damage, but especially for momentum.

I have to stop doing the vertical drop after the wall bounce, it only works if your opponent stays in the same place, and I’m not being predictive enough.

It’s hard to follow, but at 8:48 I’m reacting to the divekick pattern- I stand up to block a divekick and get hit with crouching Short; I jump to avoid a poke/scout for my divekick super but it doesn’t work; I jump again to air block a divekick, and get hit with an axe kick on the way up; I do a ground recovery to get out of the corner, and get swept.

Air throw at 9:12 misses by inches, sad. I was just slightly too high, it looks like, because I jumped a few miliseconds too early (or, rather, he jumped slightly later than I thought he would). I try to do the snake roll for a chip damage KO, and of course roll right into a DP.


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