My a-cho video-video.

download link for the bored (50.4 mb)

In order to celebrate the uploading of about 5 hours of A3 footage from Japan, and after being displeased with the relatively low number of hits that some of the videos have, I decided to make a video to direct traffic their way. Also, I hadn’t made a video in a while, and despite being a time-suck, it’s something I enjoy.

This one turned out to be a slog. I chose O Fortuna (the first song) because it makes things sound grand and epic. My original plan was to just throw this together in one night, but I got stalled because of some video conversion problems and I ended up having to start over. And then I started getting fancy with the outro, and long story short, it ended up taking several days- working on it on-and-off over the course of about 2 or 3 weeks.

First song is O Fortuna by Carl Orff, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Philharmonic Choir, The London Chorus and David Parry. Second song is Sonata In D Minor For Cello And Piano (Op. 40: II. Allegro) by Dmitri Shostakovich, performed by Markus Stocker and Viktor Yampolsky. Both songs I got from this album, which I got on sale for $2.

Came out pretty decent, I think… I’m continually irritated by YouTube’s frame rate cap, so maybe I’ll upload the video to somewhere where it plays a little more smoothly. Also, if you lower the resolution to 240/LQ mode, the frame rate increases.

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Also, among a few other gripes, I’m displeased with how the end turned out- my ability to distort the shape of the videos was kind of limited. Given my druthers I’d have made it look more like the videos were occupying an concave 3D space (see the MvC2 character selection screen where the portraits are aligned on the face of a sphere), but I just wanted to get the thing done, because it was taking so much longer than I’d planned. Hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have just arranged them in a flatter 3×3 grid of some sort.

Also, rewatching the first half of the video, it needed some dramatic text.







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