Videos: 109th a-cho ranking battle

HIRO’s YouTube channel has updated with matches from the 109th ranking battle. Click image above for link to video, list of matches follows below.

00:00 X-Zangief vs X-Sakura
01:20 X-Dhalsim vs V-Ryu
02:53 A-Rose vs X-Sakura
06:32 V-Zangeif vs X-Dhalsim
09:46 X-Sakura vs V-Ryu
11:41 A-Rose vs X-Dhalsim
13:10 V-Zangief vs V-Ryu
16:01 V-Rose vs V-Ryu
19:46 X-Sakura vs X-Dhalsim
21:03 A-Rose vs X-Zangief
22:07 V-Rose vs V-Ryu
24:14 V-Rose vs X-Zangief


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