Honda Closure

A few thoughts on some other Honda matches other than the ones posted in the last 2 blog entries. All matches probably feature the same Honda player, but I’m not sure.

Unknown (Honda) vs DARK (Gen)

Round 1:

Honda tries to start the match off with a sweep (crouching Fierce) but gets countered by Gen’s 3K standing Jabs, same happens when he tries to headbutt. Gets pushed to the corner, tries to counter the jabs with more low attacks, and they trade pokes back and forth (snake roll vs Honda’s standing Strong, more Gen jabs etc). Honda messes up his anti-air VC at 00:19, was too far away- both hits of the close standing Roundhouse need to hit for the rest of the combo to work, so Honda needs to hit with his knee instead of his foot. But Gen tries to counter with something and eats the damage anyway.

Round 2:

Second round goes better for Honda. Note the speed at which V-ISM Honda builds meter- he goes from having 60% super meter at 01:25 to having 100% by 01:30. V and X-ISM characters build super meter at a faster rate than in A-ISM, and in cases like these it’s pretty easy to see the difference. Honda’s turtle tendencies get the better of him at the end of the round and he moves away from Gen- Gen has a full super meter and many, many options. This turns out badly, because Honda probably has the advantage in this situation he can basically become invincible with a button press at any moment, and still has 2 Alpha Counters left (or one AC and one V-ISM activation).

Rokkou Honda (A-ISM Honda) vs Rokkou Ken (A-ISM Ken)

Match begins at 01:45.

Just writing about Round 1:

Starts off with HHS, because it reaches all the way to the opponent. Jumping Fierce at 01:50, looks like DP bait. Whiffed level 1 kick super at 01:55, trying to guess a poke; did a sumo drop and then tried to counter an attempt to punish. At 02:04, 02:08, 02:11, 02:28, 02:33 etc, Honda is whiffing pokes to bait a jump, but is actually looking for a headbutt as anti-air.

Kiyo (Guy) vs Rokkou Honda (A-ISM Honda)

WARNING: Possibly the single longest Alpha 3 match ever.

Round 1:

Guy keeping his distance and whiffing Jabs to counter any headbutts, since his offense is hampered. Honda trying to thread the needle because he knows Guy won’t stand there and Jab for 99 seconds, and/or if he did he would open himself up to other options. Guy keeping his distance and trying to poke with his longest-range attacks (if at all), basically on the run the whole match. Because Guy has a long jump arc and can bounce off of the wall, it’s easy for him to get out of the corner if he backs up too much. Honda doesn’t want to headbutt from too far because he’ll run into jabs, and given his slow walking speed he has trouble staying at a range he wants to be in.

Round 2:

01:42 could have been the end of the round, but Kiyo drops the combo. Honda punishes with a VC, but he drops it himself. Before that he does a Jab headbutt to get out of the corner, but not a stronger one which would have been countered by a Jab. He does again later on in the match- doing a Jab or Strong headbutt to close a gap, instead of a stronger one which would actually make contact.

Round 3:

Notice the spacing at 03:29- Honda is keeping Guy’s wall bounce distance in mind. So he’s not only considering Guy’s arc if he jumps toward him, but if he jumps backwards and bounces off of the rear wall. Paying too much attention to the latter, he’s caught off guard by the jump at 03:34. Guy get’s caught by Honda’s jumping Roundhouse at 03:55, but Guy can also do the wall bounce after an air recovery, and Honda burns his meter for nothing.


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