GGPO status update // Links bonanza

Those of you who play on GGPO may have noticed that it was down last week. This was due to a DDOS attack on the server. Things are up and running again. Also, keep an eye out for the updated version of GGPO coming out in a few months.


I’ve also added a bunch of links to various websites, mostly pertaining to Alpha 3.

-Chiba blog (Japanese)
If you’ve seen any of the more recent Chiba ranking battles videos, you know that some great players come out to their tournaments. Usually updated by either Amamiya or Imakichi.

Chiba ranking battles NicoNico channel (Japanese, registration req’d)
Niconico douga videos require you to register to watch them. If you don’t want to bother (registration process is in Japanese), then you can see them on Middlekick’s YT page, below.

-vegascup (Japanese)
Another famous arcade for Alpha/Zero 3 players in Japan.

vegascup’s YouTube channel

-Middlekick’s YouTube channel
UK player who, among other things has recently downloaded and re-posted videos from Amamiya’s NicoNico page (Chiba ranking battles)

SRK SF Alphas videos thread

-DARK’s YouTube channel
A famous Gen player, DARK has uploaded tons of A3 match videos to his YouTube channel.

DARK’s Gen guide (Japanese)
A website of info about Gen in A3, with matchup info, analysis of his different stances etc.

-acho/HIRO’s YouTube channel
one of’s video channels, updated by HIRO. This channel features tournament videos for multiple games, A3 included.

-Zero Gravity 2 (Japanese)
Propsoective A3 tiers page.

Zero Gravity 2
Combo page. Links to the videos on vegascup’s YT channel.

-SF Zero Generations wiki (Japanese)
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology website, with a wealth of information related to multiple games. Click the name of a character (left-hand side of the page) and then the game. A2 (Zero 2) pages often include short combo videos, A3 (Zero 3) pages often include hitbox data. (A2/A3 Charlie pages as an example.)

SFA hitboxes article
Good article by Dammit, with pictures of hit detection across the various Alpha games.


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