A3 videos roundup, and a note of clarification

Middlekick has uploaded the most recent Chiba Ranking Battle videos to his YouTube page. Matches feature V-Ryu, Akuma, Karin and Sakura*. If you like Ryu, you should definitely see these matches, Sarada is even beastier than usual.

Chiba Ranking Battle #128

*Players are Sarada, Imakichi, Yousei and Amamiya.

He’d also dutifully uploaded some casual matches in the weeks before, see his channel for links, and check out the SRK Alphas videos thread for older updates.

click for link to match


Zero3Japan is one of a-cho.com’s YouTube channels, and they constantly update with match/tournament videos for a wide variety of games. Recently they’ve uploaded an A3 ranking battle, and here it is:

a-cho 112th Ranking Battle

Characters played are V-Ryu, V-Sakura, V-Zangief, A-Gen, X-Zangief and X-Sakura. We get to see more of HIRO’s X-Sak than usual in this video. Don’t know the other player names here, but if I had to guess I’d say the purple Gen is Morimomo and the light blue one is DARK, as per usual.


Also, with regards to the special tournament matches coming out of a-cho in my last post and ones like it (6th to 8th-level matches)- according to a helpful member of the SRK forums, they’re known as a danisen.

It is danisen. You start at 1st dan and work your way up. +1 point for a win -1 point for a loss. 3 points = rank up -3 = rank down. After 9th dan you have to get 5 points to rank up.


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