Updates, Videos, GGPO and More Frame Data

Hey, everybody. It’s been a while. I’ve been upgrading my PC for a while, and…long story short, I needed a new hard drive during a massive hard drive shortage (HDDs presently cost 3 times what they did a few months ago). As such, I haven’t been doing much blogging or game playing etc, since I’m running a copy of Linux Mint 11 off of a boot disc.

(Linix Mint is a cool operating system, btw- worth having as a backup, if nothing else. I still plan on keeping it around after I get my PC up and running again and install Windows 7. You can download it and burn it to a disc, and that will allow you to play around with it without having to install or change anything on your system.)

So, I figured it’s about time I get around to posting more stuff. It’s been too long.

First of all, a relative update regarding my last post and GGPO’s issues with frameskipping- I was able to tweak my setup (back when I had my normal OS up and running) and get my ping down, and there was a noticeable improvement. With that said, the point about more frames being skipped in the current version of GGPO than the older versions remains true. I do still love the program, especially since I haven’t played a match in a few months.


Secondly, and speaking of GGPO, you might want to check out the following accounts-

MischieMouse is a Marvel player from Japan, and I’ve seen him in the MvC1 room quite a few times, and played him once or twice. He just made a Megaman combo video which you can see on SRK, or go to his channel to see more videos, including MvC1 GGPO matches, tutorials, a Megaman X2 video and others.

BahamanianKing posts match GGPO match videos from a number of games, including SFA2, SFA3, MvC1, Super Turbo and others.

Middlekick has continued dutifully capturing and uploading the Chiba ranking battle SFA3 videos, and has posted them to his YouTube channel.

RB #133 features:

Imakichi (V-Ken, A/V-Akuma)
Kuma (V-Dan, A-Ryu)
Sarada (A-Ken, A-Guy)
Amamiya (V-Juni, A-Guy)

In RB #134
Yousei’s Karin continues to be a terror, as is often the case. We also get to see an unusually clear example of the inequity that V-ISM provides certain characters and players…

Kayaman (A/V-Blanka)
VER (playing random select; V-Guy, V-Ryu)
Yousei (A/V-Karin)
Imakichi (V-Akuma)
Amamiya (V-Sakura)
Sarada (A-Guy)


Finally, because I know people love Alpha 3 frame data (not really), I stumbled across this:


It’s not of much use unless you can read a little Japanese, but I’ll try to do some basic translation at a later date.


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  1. Jagger

    love the v-karin vs blanka battles. Karin is so badass in them!

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