Tripguard exceptions list (mostly complete)

Certain attacks cancel tripguard- mentioned in some earlier posts, video example here:

Was working on a list, which is incomplete, but it’s coming together pretty well, so far- I’d say it’s about 90% done.

Here’s another video which demonstrates another use, vs non-jumping moves which have airborne frames.

Note that the interactions were tested using the Saturn version of the game, which tends to be fairly accurate to the arcade versions. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the hitboxes for the console-only characters in particular (Guile etc) vary slightly from version to version.


Jumping Neutral Jump Command Move Special Move
Akuma (LK, MK, HK) d+MK divekick command roll (zenpou tenshin)
Balrog (Boxr)
Balrog (console ver)
Birdie LK d+HP air splash
Bison (Dic) HK head stomp & follow up; whiff or skull dive
Bison (Final Bison) untested, see Bison
Blanka HK rainbow roll (backstep rolling), 3K forward hop
Cammy divekick, drill, DP, spin knuckle, hooligan; whiff or throw attempt
Charlie (LK, MK, HK) (MK, HK) knee bazooka
Chun-Li MK d/f+HK knee drop, d+MK air stomp hcb+k (sen en shu)
Cody f+HK
Dan (LK, MK, HK) taunt rolls
Dee Jay
Dhalsim (LP, HP) (LP, HP) d+MK and d+HK air drills
E. Honda headbutt (recovery time), sumo drop
Evil Ryu (untested, see Ryu)
Fei Long (LK, MK) (MP, HP) f+HK chicken wing (rekku kyaku)
Gen (both stances) (LK, MK, HK) ??? center ceiling dive (Ouga)
Guile (LP, MP, HP) (LK, MK, HK) (LP, MP, HP) (LK, MK, HK) knee bazooka
Guy (LK, MK, HK) d/f+HK flip kick
Juli (see Cammy)
Juni (see Cammy) +air drill
Karin LK dp+K, tiger knee rainbow overhead (ressen ha)
Ken (MP, HP) (LK, MK, HK) command roll (zenpou tenshin)
R. Mika (HP) (LK, HK) (HP) (HK) crouch MP and HP, d+LK air knee drop, d+HP air splash kick peach, 360+P (paradise hold)
Rolento (MP, HP) (MK, HK) standing f+MK staff
Rose Soul Throw
Ryu (LK, MK, HK)
Sagat ? (LK, MK, HK)
Sakura (LK, MK, HK) (MK, HK)
Shin Akuma untested, see Akuma
Sodom (LK, MK) (LK, MK) 360+P, 360+K (Butstumetsu Buster Daikyou Burning)
T. Hawk (HP) (LK) LK command overhead
Vega (Claw) standing HK, f+HK claw roll, kick dive (flying barcelona attack); slash or whiff

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