Weird red flash note

 photo sfa3-07-30-015023_zpsc2222ad9.png

Gen’s crouching HK (crane stance) can beat Akuma’s divekick with the right timing/distance, however it is somewhat fickle (often the case with non-invincible attacks that can challenge the divekick).

However, the move is more likely to work, for some reason, if you are holding down/back or down on the joystick- I think d/b even moreso than d. When holding d/f it was far less successful.

I’m not exactly sure what the reason for this is- something to do with charging, or maybe canceling the beginning of blockstun?


(the red flash, to be brief, suggests that the move would normally lose or trade but in this case will win because of an experimental subsystem that Alpha 3 (and I think all of the SF3 games) use to rank attack priority)


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