Divekick counters video (proof of concept)

Not a legit video, but I don’t know when/if I’ll get around to making a more comprehensive one.

Some characters have problems with Akuma’s divekick in A3 because of its speed and angle, and the fact that having to block it puts you in a bad situation, because guard damage is an added concern.

It can be hard for characters without invulnerable special moves to beat it, but there are 3 basic ways:

-An attack which beats it (dependent on distance/height, varies wildly), which you may be able to cancel into a special move;
-A jumping attack, which you may be able to combo into something else;
-VC activation, including a tripguard exception, if your character has a good midscreen combo.

These can all be more easily understood than actually done, especially once you account for any online gaming lag, and/or input/display lag if applicable. A difference of 4 frames (1/15 seconds) is largely imperceptible but still affects game play, as the average human reaction time is 12 frames. The former is a very small period of time, but can make the difference between being able to react to a jump or not.

Sorta working on a list with counters for individual characters and timings/ranges (Cammy s.SP xx KBA from video only works from far away, early standing Roundhouse works from a step closer, standing Jab xx special works from medium range but timed slightly late, etc).


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