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Ultimate Zero 12, cont’d: Big One tournaments

As mentioned in last post- the Big One arcade had a smaller tournament the night before Ultimate Zero 12. That was an intermediate-level player tournament, though if you’re a fan of A3 you should still watch it, as the players are good (there’s a solid Birdie player and also an M. Bison). Characters- V-Sakura (Kuji) …

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Japan’s national Alpha 3 tournament: Ultimate Zero 12 (UZ12)

Hello, UZ12 was last weekend. Skip to bottom of post for tournament results. A few quick things: Tournament was held in Akibara at Try Amusement Tower arcade. It was streamed online via Twitch at Toratawa, and casual matches from before the tournament were streamed on Deshikawa and Deshikawa2. The Deshikawa vids are from the Big …

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