Japan’s national Alpha 3 tournament: Ultimate Zero 12 (UZ12)


UZ12 was last weekend. Skip to bottom of post for tournament results.

A few quick things:

Tournament was held in Akibara at Try Amusement Tower arcade. It was streamed online via Twitch at Toratawa, and casual matches from before the tournament were streamed on Deshikawa and Deshikawa2. The Deshikawa vids are from the Big One arcade slightly to the north of Try Tower, and many of the matches are from the day before the tournament.


Videos are still up in the archives:

Toratawa (5 hours 33 minutes)- UZ 12 tournament matches. Singles tournament matches from the start through 2h 24m. There’a s break, and then team tournament matches start at 3h 28m.

  • Toratawa (8 minutes)- casual play; V-ISM Rose streak begins
  • Toratawa (46 minutes)- casual play; V-ISM Rose streak continues. Most likely Tsugu
  • Deshikawa (4 hours 4 minutes)- Casual play, though a small tournament begins at about 1h 32m into the video and concludes around 2h 25m. It features a very good A-Birdie player, and is double-elimination, which is unusual for Japan.
  • Deshikawa2 (2 hours 45 minutes)- More casual play (casual as in non-tournament; the players are very good)
  • Deshikawa (6 hours 11 minutes)- More casual play
  • Deshikawa 2 (5 hours 10 minutes)- More casual play
  • Deshikawa 2 (55 minutes)- More casual play
    • Tournament site:


    Results bracket (top 32, Japanese)

    Team tournament results bracket (top 8 teams, Japanese)

      Bonus art and custom player badges from tournament:


    (Version was playing random select for this tournament, so he got multiple characters on his)

      Special bonus pamphlet:

      Misc shots from the tournament:

      Tournament Results:

    UZ12 Singles tournament:
    1st Takedaru (Dhalsim)
    2nd Fuchi (Ryu)
    3rd Amamiya (Juli)
    4th Catapult (X-ISM Balrog (boxer))
    5th Mukai (Dhalsim)
    5th Seijuu (Charlie)
    5th Gabe (Akuma)
    5th Igari (Ryu)

    UZ12 Team tournament:
    1st Makoto (Zangief) / Nishikawaguchi Dhalsim (Dhalsim) / Tabatake (Sakura)
    2nd Igari (Ryu) / S (Sakura) / Mukai (Dhalsim)
    3rd Hiro (X-ISM Sakura) / Matsuun (V-ISM Blanka) / Catapult (X-ISM Balrog)
    4th Seijuu (Charlie) / Nedobedo (Akuma) / Denpo (Charlie)
    5th Tsugu (Rose) / shy (Guy) / Matei (A-ISM Dhalsim)
    5th Nottsu (AKuma) / Mori (Vega)
    5th Chourin? Kenji (Chun-li) / ZM (Akuma) / Fujigo (Akuma)

    Will try to post results for the Big One side tournament the previous day at some point.




    1. GM

      It’s just Ultimate Zero, not Ultimate Zero Direction.

      • TS


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