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Evolution 2011: Thoughts on Skullgirls and Street Fighter x Tekken

Howdy, elite fraternity of readers. It’s been a while. I went to Evo last week (an international tournament for fighting games), and had a good time, as I always do. I got a chance to play a few matches of SFxTekken and Skullgirls. Skullgirls is kind of hard to explain in a few sentences, but …

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Lag and You: An Amuse-Bouche

With GGPO down for a few weeks, I tried Supercade, which is a great program, but its considered by some to be silver medalist to GGPO’s gold. My experiences with the program were pretty good, but there was a noticeable increase in input delay compared to GGPO. Input delay, for the unaware, is a form …

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