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Thoughts on Evo 2013, counter-pokes, parries and SF4

Evolution, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, has concluded. Being an old man, none of my favorite games were featured as part of the official tournament, because they’re all well over a decade old, but I was more entertained by the final 8 of the Super SF4 (AE 2012) tournament than I had …

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Evolution 2011: Thoughts on Skullgirls and Street Fighter x Tekken

Howdy, elite fraternity of readers. It’s been a while. I went to Evo last week (an international tournament for fighting games), and had a good time, as I always do. I got a chance to play a few matches of SFxTekken and Skullgirls. Skullgirls is kind of hard to explain in a few sentences, but …

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