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Japan’s national Alpha 3 tournament: Ultimate Zero 12 (UZ12)

Hello, UZ12 was last weekend. Skip to bottom of post for tournament results. A few quick things: Tournament was held in Akibara at Try Amusement Tower arcade. It was streamed online via Twitch at Toratawa, and casual matches from before the tournament were streamed on Deshikawa and Deshikawa2. The Deshikawa vids are from the Big …

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Thoughts on Evo 2013, counter-pokes, parries and SF4

Evolution, the largest fighting game tournament in the world, has concluded. Being an old man, none of my favorite games were featured as part of the official tournament, because they’re all well over a decade old, but I was more entertained by the final 8 of the Super SF4 (AE 2012) tournament than I had …

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Lag and You: An Amuse-Bouche

With GGPO down for a few weeks, I tried Supercade, which is a great program, but its considered by some to be silver medalist to GGPO’s gold. My experiences with the program were pretty good, but there was a noticeable increase in input delay compared to GGPO. Input delay, for the unaware, is a form …

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